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Empower your team to do things like never before:

Instant Answers with Intelligent Widget

Allow your customers to find answers immediately using the dynamic search function without the need to navigate away from the page they are on.


Swift Adoption Across Teams

Built-in collaboration with easy to use interfaces and integrations enables your whole team to work faster and more efficiently.


Keep Everyone In The Loop

Centralized customer profiles, conversation notes, tagging system, and centralized notifications will ensure everyone can get in on the action.


Reduce Phone Calls and Support Tickets

Leverage the power of self-help with beautiful Knowledgebase Docs, in your customer’s own language.


Join the ranks of modern teams who’ve transformed their communication.

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This is what some of our users have to say about Communication...

Modern, Intuitive & robust

Communication was built by us after trying over seven helpdesk in the last three years, and most were sharing the same set of problems. Some were old, some were too complicated, while others did not focus on user centric requirements. 


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Trusted by over 1000+ Online Business Owner, Worldwide. Since 2019.

Krish G

“Simple yet powerful set of features”

A comprehensive messaging tool built for teams looking to improve collaboration

Most teams handle communication and collaboration with the “help” of multiple apps. Slack and Microsoft Teams, maybe email or a live chat system like Zendesk. Any apps not being used have probably been disappointing…

The issue? That’s just too much to balance.

Split teams are forced to use phone calls, emails, and chatbots simultaneously, and they make more mistakes as a result. Tickets go unnoticed, case information goes missing, and customers start fuming.

Help your team achieve more together

Reliable team communication benefits your business

Prevent miscommunications and mistakes, foster trust with other team members, and provide clear directions with the help of solid communication. It beats having to juggle three or four apps at a time. No more missed messages, or time-wasting mistakes.

littlesaas dashboard
assign team member

Optimized workplace communication benefits your team

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a business. Do it right, and your team can soar above and beyond expectations. Ask for feedback, mentor team members, and develop leaders with the help of a solid communication-focused app.

Boost team productivity, improve collaboration, and streamline communication…

Then watch as customer service satisfaction skyrockets.

If funneling every point of contact onto one platform seems risky, think about it this way: one platform makes it easier for everyone to assign tickets, redirect cases, and pull up important information. That makes communication and collaboration smoother, which in turn, makes customers happy.

With Communication, you’re not just improving the way your business handles customer concerns — you’re actually waving goodbye to missed updates, long wait times, lost ticket information, and complicated ticket transferring. 

control narrative

Funnel all messages into one platform

Consolidate all messaging to improve customer support, team collaboration, and business reputation.

littlesaas dashboard

Handle tickets by the order of importance

Improve customer support and brand image by prioritizing conversations based on order of importance.

step in when necessary

Pull up data when you need it most

Limit mistakes by following conversations, pinning updates, or finding and sharing important ticket information.

shared team inbox

Use a shared inbox to keep track of cases

Use a shared team inbox to manage conversations, prioritize tickets, and forward cases to team members, so you never miss deadlines.

self help knowledge base

Leave chaotic customer service issues in the dust

It’s true — customer service tends to have a bad reputation. Chaos is the name of the game, and most teams are used to having handfuls of unresolved tickets at any given time. Dissatisfied customers and numb support representatives come with the territory.

Well, not exactly.

Common problems like missing customer data, long wait times, cluttered inboxes, and floods of support tickets are resolved with an all-in-one customer service platform like Communication.

Because communication should be instant, effective, and simple

Say goodbye to angry customers, long wait times, and abandoned conversations. With a single point of contact and Communication’s customer-friendly Live Chat software, ticket resolution is finally made easy.

14 Days of Free Trial + 7 days money-back guarantee, no questions asked

We’ve designed Communication with simplicity, productivity, and connectivity in mind. Your team can resolve customer complaints faster than ever. No angry customers or long wait times means increased revenue, overall satisfaction, and repeat business.

In fact, we’re so sure about this that we’ve provided a 14 Days of Free Trial and 7-day money-back guarantee…

Here’s what you can expect…

  • Super fast and easy software setup in less than 10 minutes.
  • Getting your team onboarded and ready to go in record time.
  • Celebrating your first resolved support ticket in 30 minutes.
  • Having the widget be seamlessly added to your website and integrated with your email system via our user-friendly web interface.

Ready to improve your revenue and brand reputation?

Communication isn’t another “help desk” tool. To call it another live chat software option, one of many on the market, would oversimplify something with the potential to change how you handle customer communications completely.

With this all-in-one messaging software solution, you can finally empower your team. Help them work together, collaborate, solve problems faster than ever before, and keep your customers happy. 

Rinse and repeat that enough times, and you’ll have a more positive brand reputation, favorable word of mouth, and increased revenue as a result.

Make your customers feel special.

Pull up customer data, resolve conversations, and shoot out follow-ups faster with Communication.