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Our Story - How & why we built Communication

Almost a year ago, our team was in Bali and met each other for the first time.

That moment brought the whole team closer, stronger, and helped us start building momentum. We all started working on the same vision and mission with one sole purpose: to serve our customers better, keep improving, and become 1000% user-centric by doing things beyond them.

Right after that, we had our first crazy strong storm.

One SaaS company launched on PitchGround (we won’t name the company) miserably treated our valuable customers.

We couldn’t see that happening.

We had to make things right.

We had to serve justice to our customers who trusted and believed in us.

We sent out an email to all our customers, offering them a refund or opting for Communication. (This situation wasn’t easy for us as a bootstrapped company that thrives on a tiny margin as a marketplace)

However, we still had to make things right because that was the right thing to do.

What surprised our entire team was 72% of our users opted for Communication. (This showed the trust and belief of our customers in us, which meant the whole universe to us)

Because it was not about money for those users, we tried to make things right, and our valuable customers knew that.

It was that very momentum that personally made me numb and changed my whole perspective towards everything changed.

We decided to no longer deliver anything less than 200% to all our customers.

Today, we cannot be more grateful to them, their patience and love.

After 11 months of patience, when those users got access to Communication, the feedback we are now hearing from them finally gives our entire team the satisfaction of making things right. That self-satisfaction that, “Yes, we have made things right” and that feeling is untradable.

We went through many allegations; a lot of stuff was spoken about us by our competitor and a few more during this entire time; we kept quiet because we know that we have to keep delivering VALUE to our customers.

But the team knew that we have to remain patient and wait until we make things right. It’s that very moment we started building Communication. In January 2020, our first SaaS launched on PitchGround on 27th November.

Then the world faced the biggest shit-storm, Covid, which impacted almost everyone, including us, and that challenged us further because we had to ensure we do our best to deliver to our users on time.

Communication has helped us serve our customers and made us a very heavy user-centric that we fight for our customers right and go beyond them because if it weren’t for them, PitchGround wouldn’t exist.

If it weren’t for that incident and our affected customers, Communication wouldn’t be here. However, when we started hearing the incredible feedback from the affected customers with reviews like, “Best investment ever,” “So glad we didn’t opt for a refund,” “Udit, thank you for delivering on your promises.” Many other reviews…as an entrepreneur, it just makes my eyes go numb and gives that sense of satisfaction of making things right.

Our entire team went through a lot during this situation, battling this year and coming out more robust than ever.

We are genuinely grateful to my entire team for standing by the side and being there during all the most challenging times; without our team, the vision of Delivering Happiness to our customers could have never achieved. (Tony Hsieh heavily inspires our team – He is no more).

However, what broke our heart was the man whose principle we adopted in our entire company, especially with Communication, is no more and died on the day we launched our Communication, which wasn’t easy to digest.

Regardless, we will keep spreading his principles all the time and keep working on delivering happiness to our customers.

The picture above indicates what can happen when a group of people who share the same vision and mission comes together; they can make the world’s most significant impact.

Thank you to all our customers for being on our side, and keep supporting us.

Thank you to our entire team for being together and creating moments that will never be forgettable, and one day, we all will live to tell this strong to everyone.

We promise – Our entire team and I will keep delivering value, growth, and happiness to everyone. You can reach out to us anytime at [email protected]

Never give up; tough times will only make you stronger and better.

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