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Connect your Team with your Customers

Manage all your email, chat, and team conversations in a shared inbox. 

Transform your emails to Shared Inbox and enable it into tickets to collaborate with your team

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Do you have a support@, info@, sales@, whatever@ email address?

Collaborate on customer communication to respond faster and deliver an outstanding experience.

Email wasn’t built for team collaboration. CC’s and Reply-all’s get messy fast and it’s hard to be sure who’s working on what. You end up with multiple replies, missed messages, and unhappy customers.

Skip on all of that with a shared Inbox.

shared inbox
consolidate workspace

Consolidate work in one place

Manage individual email, group email like contact@, live chat conversations and inter-team conversations all from one place.

efficient email thread

Efficient email threads, better handling times

Save canned responses for common questions, assign conversations to a team member and set reminders to automatically follow up.


Understand team performance with analytics

Get to know all the important measurables like response time and message ratings to understand your customer experience and find ways to improve.

Delight your customers. Never miss another email again​

Every message has an owner so nothing slips through the cracks

Every message received to your shared inbox is accounted for, and you can automatically or manually assign it to someone on your team. Reassign, tag, and mention anyone on your team easily and see exactly who did what so you know who is responsible at all times.

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shared inbox design

Seamless internal communication, minus the inbox clutter

Write Notes to your teammates, as opposed to emails, CCs, or BCCs. Want to relay a message to the entire team? Write a Note starting with @all. Want to talk to one person? Use @name to send them a notification about your message.

Get the full context, right inside the message

Everything you need to know about the customer is in the sidebar — contact information, previous conversations, notes, and data/activity from other apps.

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